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Top Fuel Tour 2000

1st race: Piteĺ
2nd race: Stockholm
3rd race: Malmö

Points standing
Points scoring

Date/Place Results

The first round of the Swedish Top Fuel Tour 2000 took place at The Midnight Sun Internationals at Pite Dragway, near Piteĺ in the north of Sweden, on 14th-16th July 2000.


Qualifying was called off on Friday after a lot of rain.


First qualifying session,

Peter Lantz went out third, making a huge burnout, then smoked the tyres off the line, and only clocked 13.93/112.

Pelle Lindelöw made a straight and clean run for a new personal best time of 5.19/407.
Monica Öberg up in smoke off the line, 10.71/154.
Alan Jackson with a good first session pass 5.07/438.

Second qualifying session,

Peter Lantz went first in the second round of qualifying. Again the tyres went up in smoke off the line, but Peter pedalled it for a 5.39 and a new track speed record of 456 Km/h.

Monica Öberg put in a 5.05/451 for a new track record.
Pelle Lindelöw recording 8.79/161.

Third qualifying session,

Peter Lantz went up in smoke at about 100 hundred feet only recording 7.92/159.

Pelle Lindelöw recorded 5.15/453 for a new personal best.
A match race Alan vs. Monica went up in a red-lit for Alan and a new good run of 5.10/404 for Monica.


Round one, Peter Lantz vs. Monica Öberg,

After two huge burnouts from the two nitro drinking machines it was all over for Monica when she smoked the tyres off the line. Peter recording 5.13/443 for a personal best of the weekend to Monica's 7.78/180.

Alan Jackson took out Pelle Lindelöw with a 5.13/457 for a new speed record. Pelle was recording 11.49/155.

The final, Peter Lantz vs. Alan Jackson,

The final was rainout!!!

The final and the third/fourth place between Monica Öberg and Pelle Lindelöw will be raced in the second qualifying session of the next Top Fuel Tour round in Stockholm.



Place Name Time Speed
1. Monica Öberg 5.059 451
2. Alan Jackson 5.070 438
3. Pelle Lindelöv 5.158 453
4. Peter Lantz 5.398 456

Round 1

W/L Name Time Speed
W Peter Lantz 5.138 443
L Monica Öberg 7.782 180


W/L Name Time Speed
W Alan Jackson 5.133 457
L Pelle Lindelöv 11.493 155


W/L Name Time Speed
Peter Lantz
Alan Jackson

Third prize

W/L Name Time Speed
Monica Öberg
Pelle Lindelöv

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See you in Stockholm August 4-6

Points standing

Place Driver Piteĺ Stockholm Malmö Total
1 Peter Lantz 210 260 210 680
2 Monica Öberg 140 180 240 560
3 Alan Jackson 200 120 110 430
4 Pelle Lindelöv 70 60 60 190

Points scoring

Winning a race: 100p
Losing a race: 50p
1st qualifier: 40p
2nd qualifier: 30p
3rd qualifier: 20p
4th qualifier: 10p
Best ET over the weekend: 20p
Best TS over the weekend: 20p
Third place: 30p

Peter Lantz, Norra Sjöbogatan. 53 506 43 Borĺs
phone. +46-33-201951, fax. +46-33-201951