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European Finals Santa Pod September 99'

1st race: Piteĺ
2nd race: Stockholm
3rd race: Malmö

Points standing
Points scoring

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First of all a great thanks to Keith Bartlett and Santa Pod, and also Stefan Boman / Sponsor pool who create the Sponsor Pool to get us a change to attend the meeting. Ecko Stanew, Thomas Gabrielsson, Lelle Olsson, Jöran Persĺker, Micke Löfqvist, BoBo Henriksson, Benke Eriksson, Pia Hagert, Kim Hagert/Eriksson, Lars Inge Johansson, Micke Stahl, Mats Eriksson, Lennart Brithon, Micke Westin, Hans Ĺke Johansson, Canoma Personaluthyrning.

We had a great week at the track and we started the weekend by running at press day. It was nice to meet Gordie Bonin for the first time, he is very professional and he has a great personality. After the run at press day, did we start to prepare the car for racing, we change all pistons wish have been used now for more then 4 years. We put new sleeves in and new rods, (for us it means a new engine), we do have a new block for this year, a TFX 96. But we still only got that one we have in the car, a spare block for next year will be like heaven for us. We know that the traction will be the best for us this year, and looking back how we run it last year at the Pod helped us how we should run the car on the first qualifying run. We added some ignition and clutch.


First qualifying session, 5.016/436

The first run felt good until about 2 sec when the car stopped pull and start shake tyres. I was on its way to the brake handle to try to stop the shakes and I even thought of lifting the throttle when the car hooked again and it pulled away really strong. I was also off the throttle before the light when I saw the run as bad, so the 5,01 came as a surprise for me even when the car pulled great the last bit. A 0,879 in 60 foot was not bad either, we could compare that with other runs and so if the shakes wasn't there it would run 4,93 or 94 but there is always a lots of if ....
The engine looked like new so we was really looking forward to the next run. Morgan wanted to slow down the clutch cannon a bit when we had change to flowed jets in the system, so even with the same size they flow better, and the cannon mows faster. I told Morgan that the traction will be better tomorrow (Saturday) so it will run good.


Second qualifying session, 5.315/432

wheelie.jpg (7858 bytes)The car took the front end off the ground, and left the line not to bad. The clutch cannon start moving to fast, it took the front wheels up and there was no question it would have flipped over. I had to lift and try to settle it down soft. I was on the throttle but the landing was to hard sending the front wheels up again. Ones again I had to lift and then I was on the throttle for the third time holding it down all the way, in frustration, not to run a good pass, it still recorded a 5,31. The run "only" recorded 0,886 in 60', which means there was not enough clutch from the starting line. The traction took the clutch instead of vice versa. The engine looked ok as usual but we find some cracks in the chassis at the front, and it looked like I have been taking the most of the damage (2 broken ribs). It felt that I was hurting my back during the "landing" but there was no problem for me to go on. It never came to my mind to not drive the car rest of the weekend, but I still do have a great pain when I'm writing this.

Third qualifying session, 5.596/399

We now know that we had to be more aggressive from the starting line so we added another 1/2 degree in the ignition and also more clutches, unfortunately we haven't slow down the cannon jet, which was a big mistake from me. It is always easy to be smart afterwards.
The car left with a great 60' 0,868 and we all know that this time will end up at least in the 4,80 just what we looking for, but it start shake and smoked the tires. In my own frustration the driver error took over and I drove it to the finish line wish is not nice to do to your car if you like it. But everything looked like new after the run, we was pleased with that. We knew for sure now that we had to slow down the cannon, even if we had to slip the clutch for the first 4-sec if we would run fast.
The plan for Sunday was set. The lack of not having a computer in the car is striking us a little bit. We had seen those cannon error on the first run in that case, but racing is not easy and I have to say what John Force did say, if this would been easy everybody have been doing it!


Place Name Time Speed
1. Gordie Bonin 4.997 458
2. Peter Lantz 5.016 436
3. Barry Sheavills 5.168 454
4. Jens Nybo 5.447 368
5. Robin Read 6.205 199
6. Pelle Lindelöv 8.740 134


Round one, Peter Lantz vs. Robin Read,

When I was preparing my self for the first run, I asked my self to take some clutch out of the car when it was a lot cooler track this day, but we left it the same. It end up smoking the tires straight away I try to pedalling it. The tyres hooked up again and I gained on Robin but then it smoked again.
Robin run a great 5,08 but the reaction time showed that we could run a 5,16 and still be the winner. But we lost to the winner of the event, and Robin run a great run, when he needed it best.
I like to say that it great to see Robin in a Top Fuel car I know him for a long time and he is a great gentleman, as well as his brothers. I really hope he is Top Fuel to stay.

Round 1

W/L Name Time Speed
W Robin Read 5.084 475
L Peter Lantz 6.717 255

Test round, 6.002/333

I had promised the crew before, if the car is ok after Sunday and we will be able to borrow the track etc. They would have the opportunity to do a burn out each, that was a way for me to say thanks to the crew, and I also think that we have a great use of their experience in the car in the future.
The car was ok after the first elimination run, so we finished the car for Monday then Pelle Lindelöw came throw and asked if we like to run a test run with him. I asked the crew if they wanted and they say lest go, we saw this as a change to finally make a good run, (5,01 is still a good run).
We left the clutch package in from the last run when it had smoked the tires, it did not use any clutch at that run, but that was a big mistake. The floaters have to much mowed material left on, so from the starting line it start to worn out the disc which end up that we run through the clutch. Once again I took it to the finish line in frustration, we dropped a lot of cylinders, but still the engine looks fine. The race weekend was finally over.


Team burnout,

Kjell Pettersson came to me and confirmed that it was ok to use the track on Monday and the rescue and fire team was able to help us. Now all of a sudden could I see some nervous crewmembers, because if the weather is ok tomorrow they will do burnout’s. The weather was ok, even better then the Sunday was, so around 1:30 pm we started to make burnout's.
Everybody did perfect! No problem, I do have a very talent crew, but I saw a winner in this burnout contest Arild Bergsland. It was not hard to see he been driving altered's, he made a long side ways burn out that was great to see. But as I told the guys they was nervous one time I was squared 5 times, the car was ok after all lessons and the gently crew took me to a dinner at night thank you!
I just wonder what I have to come up with next time to make them happy.


Once again a great thanks to Santa Pod and the Rescue team that helped us to make this happen.
Also great thanks from the team to all Swedish fans on the right side of the track, we heard you even during the run, which means you done a great and load noise, the beer is on us next time.



The third round of the 1999 Swedish Top Fuel Tour took place at Big Drag Nat’s at Thulin Dragway, near Landskrona in the Southwest part of Sweden, on 27th-29th August 1999. The race was held over 1/8 mile (201,17 m) due to security reasons depending on a to short track for Top Fuel Dragsters.


First qualifying session,

Peter Lantz went out third, pulling a strong 3.436/376 km/h for first qualifying place.
Peter: "We expect less grip on this track compered to Tullinge so we decide to wait and watch two cars. The car had the same set-up as on first qualifying session at Tullinge. We are pleased with the time, back in the pit area we will do some adjustment for next round.

Second qualifying session,

Peter went out first with a powerful burnout, in stage, boiling the tyres after 2 meters when the track couldn’t hold the power.
Peter: "We was 1st qualifier so we took the chance to test a new set-up to get experience for coming events. E.g. the ignition was set 2 degree higher. Unfortunately we smoke the tyres but we was given the answers we had hope for".
Morgan: "The engine is like new after the first day it is only to change the normal parts and put it together for tomorrow’s race.


Round one, Peter Lantz vs. Kent Persson,

The cars was started up and slowly rolling towards the line and then making a simultaneous burnout. Unfortunately something went wrong with Kent’s car and the engine stopped. Peter had to stage for a solo run, yellow - green - and he stopped the clocks after 3.416/373 km/h.
Peter: "Than was an anticlimax to meet my old driver and team member "Kenta". We know he was sitting in a good car so we had to hope the track could hold our new combination. The clutch set-up was untouched but ignition was down two degrees since yesterdays test. It was a big disappointment for me to see Kent’s car stopping".

The final, Peter Lantz vs. Monica Öberg,

The final was very close indeed with Peter as the winner for the third time of three possible, the margin of victory was 0.03 seconds, recording 3.42/375 km/h to Monica’s 3.45.
Peter: "I was convinced than the most critical moment in the final was on the starting line, both cars had run equal times. I felt very worry when looking to the tree and saw the afternoon sun shining on the lamps; it will be tricky to see the start. Against all odds I make a good start and the car pull hard for the first 50 meters the start to shake the tyres due to wheel spin. I was prepared to minimise the wheel spin by using the break but I was first to the finish line and I never saw Monica. Without wheel spin 3.35 had been possible I think, but the track couldn’t hold more than 3.40’s".


W/L Name Time Speed
1. Monica Öberg 3.412 371
2. Peter Lantz 3.436 376
3. Kent Person 3.826 245
4. Pelle Lindelöv 7.132 107

Round 1

W/L Name Time Speed
W Monica Öberg 3.474 350
L Pelle Lindelöv No show


W/L Name Time Speed
W Peter Lantz 3.415 373
L Kent Persson Lost fire


W/L Name Time Speed
W Peter Lantz 3.428 375
L Monica Öberg 3.457 363

victory_99.JPG (16584 bytes)REMARK

We won all events and the whole Top Fuel Tour, had a spectacular wheelie at Piteĺ. What can I do more than say thanks to my sponsors and my fantastic team for a good work, THANKS!



Top Fuel Tour ‘99
The Top Fuel Tour has proven a success.
It was lot of spectators on all events.
All three events have had good weather.
The officials have done a very good work.
The co-operation between organiser and team has been very good.
It has been a unique co-operation and we hope it will continue.

See you at Top Fuel Tour 2000…


The second round of the 1999 Swedish Top Fuel Tour took place at Tullinge Dragway on 7th-8th August. The track is located in the middle of a forest to the Southeast of Stockholm and is a temporary strip, which has been in use for the past four years.


First qualifying session,

Peter blew the tires off as soon as he launched, rolling through to break the timing beams with a 13.4.
Peter: " Top Fuel dragster has very long wheelbase, much longer then the common cars on this track. Depending on that there is a lack rubber there we have our big tyres on the track, but I think we have fixed it now. We are very optimistic of improving the numbers in the second qualifying session".

Second qualifying session,

A new track record and the number one spot, 5.24 at 439km/h.
Peter: "The track was very bumpy half way out and I had the front wheels up and the car was drifting right, but I felt I still had the command. So far no car had done a full pass, so I was prepared to work hard to give the big crowd value for the money".


Round one, Peter Lantz vs. Monica Öberg,

Peter and crew chief Morgan Svensson had decided to come to the line with the same setup as they had last night, to see if a straight run would see any improvement.
Monica suffered a violent bout of tire shake and had to shut off at the 330 foot mark. Peter yet again reset the track record, 5.05 at 450 km/h with a strong good pass. 5.05 is the fastest run in Europe this year so far.
Peter: "We run 386 km/h at the eighth mile, a full 12 km/h over the 4 second pass that we run at Hockenheim in 1997.

The final, Peter Lantz vs. Pelle Lindelöw,

To the final an extra 3 grams was placed in the clutch primaries.
The final was over after a third of the track when Pelle had to abort the run due to tireshake. Peter took the win with a strong 5.18 at 443 km/h. Pelle recorded 8.06.
Peter: "I know that Pelle, unfortunately, had problem with the clutch, so if I not face the red light I will take the victory. I took it to carefully, squeezed the throttle and suffered a too much spinning clutch to half down the track. I’m surprised that an unsuccessful pass at Tullinge Dragway can be faster then the best time at Mantorp this year, it must show the quality of the Top Fuel Tour ’99.


Place Name Time Speed
1. Peter Lantz 5.241 429
2. Kent Person 5.587 306
3. Pelle Lindelöv 6.261 228
4. Monica Öberg 10.505 135

Round 1

W/L Name Time Speed
W Peter Lantz 5.050 450
L Monica Öberg 9.949 134


W/L Name Time Speed
W Pelle Lindelöv 10.901 138
L Kent Persson 22.297 110


W/L Name Time Speed
W Peter Lantz 5.182 443
L Pelle Lindelöv 8.061 144

Third prize

W/L Name Time Speed
W Monica Öberg 8.999 151
L Kent Persson (R) no time -


As a summation of the weekend I will thank the whole team to a good work and a special great thanks to Eddie how was able to help us when we need it, so nowadays we have fans from Ireland too, that isn’t bad!"

See you in Malmö the last weekend in August.


The first round of the 1999 Swedish Top Fuel Tour took place at The Midnight Sun Internationals at Pite Dragway, near Piteĺ in the north of Sweden, on 9th-11th July 1999.


Unloading the fueller with it’s shiny new TFX block and as an experiment with the balance a huge, Funny Car-style fuel tank placed immediately in front of the cockpit.

The quality of the track was very good. The ex-military runway is reputed to be one of the smoothest tracks anywhere. This track has the best air in Europe, maybe even the world. Even on very hot days there is a lot of air because of the situation of the track. There are forests all around and almost at sea level.


Peter Lantz was the only driver to take advantage of a Test and Tune on Friday afternoon. He was mistakenly given a sportsman tree but recorded 6.87 at 187 kilometres per hour on a 330-foot pass.
Peter: "It felt good,but I had problems selecting reverse after the burnout so the clutch is not quite right".
Crew Chief Morgan Svensson: "I'm satisfied with the baseline pass. It left good, it felt nice, and it must have been difficult for Peter to get off the throttle!"


First qualifying session

Peter Lantz went out second, pulling a huge, almost 45-degree wheelstand beyond the 330-foot marker before letting the car down as gently as you please and putting his foot back in, and still recording a 5.52/428 km/h. Peter also had to deal with a puncture in one of the front wheels as the car went through the Top End. The crew went into action repairing the puncture and putting more weight on the front axle, in addition to the usual turn-round tasks.
Peter: "I was on the brake and feathered the throttle. I've often thought about what I would do if the car went up that far".

Second qualifying session,

Recording 5.17/434 km/h, a very clean run but Peter wasn't happy even though it was the second quickest run of his career.
Peter: "The sixty foot time was 0.88 seconds, but the car was slow in the second half and nosed over at the Top End. I'm not sure if it's the clutch or fuel".
Morgan had reason for optimism: "The car ran 370 km/h at half-track, its fastest ever, and up to that point the times were quicker than the four-second run."

Third qualifying session,

Peter Lantz set a new track record for ET with a 5.10/435 km/h in this session. The half-track speed went up still further to 378 km/h, and the run might have been even quicker but for an evil twitch at the top end.
Peter: "The second half of the track was very slippery".
Morgan: "We're very pleased with this set-up, when we take the engine apart after a run it's like new."


Round one, Peter Lantz vs. Pelle Lindelöw,

Pelle blipped the throttle and then left before the lights ran; Peter kept his nerve and stayed until the green, running 5.15/437 km/h. Raw fuel appeared from the headers towards the Top End.
Peter: "We're still slowing down at the Top End, and a fuel line came loose on the run. We're getting no answers from our combination. I'm not sure about what we did with the ignition".

The final, Peter Lantz vs. Monica Öberg,

The final was very close indeed. Peter Lantz got a very slight advantage away from the start line, and he needed every thousandth of that advantage as Monica Öberg was visibly reeling him in at the peter_victory.JPG (13429 bytes)Top End. Peter just hung on for the victory as both cars stopped the clocks at 5.18 seconds, Peter at 439 km/h to Monica's 445 km/h. The margin of victory was 0.004 seconds, or about the length of the spill plate on a front spoiler.
Morgan Svensson was jubilant: "That must have been the closest ever Top Fuel race in Europe!".
Peter: "I only saw Monica at the finish line".




Place Name Time Speed
1. Peter Lantz 5.102 435
2. Monica Öberg 5.327 445
3. Kent Person 7.653 177
4. Pelle Lindelöv 7.865 168

Round 1

W/L Name Time Speed
W Peter Lantz 5.153 437
L Pelle Lindelöv (R) no time ---


W/L Name Time Speed
W Monica Öberg 5.144 448
L Kent Persson 8.026 206


W/L Name Time Speed
W Peter Lantz 5.186 439
L Monica Öberg 5.180 445

Third prize

W/L Name Time Speed
W Pelle Lindelöv 5.424 416
L Kent Persson 7.127 208


Peter Lantz won a special awards for Most Spectacular Wheelie for his effort on Saturday.

The Top Fuel Tour has proven a success.

Everything has gone right for us this weekend, we haven't hurt anything on the car, and the whole team has been just excellent. We have a new MSD ignition system which will take a while to get used to. The first two hundred metres of any run we make is better than our four-second run, so we just have to figure out the second half.

back_99.JPG (7915 bytes)
See you in Stockholm August 7-8

Points standing

Place Driver Piteĺ Stockholm Malmö Total
1 Peter Lantz 260 280 250 790
2 Monica Öberg 200 90 210 500
3 Pelle Lindelöv 90 170 90 350
4 Kent Persson 70 80 70 220

Points scoring

Winning a race: 100p
Losing a race: 50p
1st qualifier: 40p
2nd qualifier: 30p
3rd qualifier: 20p
4th qualifier: 10p
Best ET over the weekend: 20p
Best TS over the weekend: 20p
Third place: 30p

Peter Lantz, Norra Sjöbogatan. 53 506 43 Borĺs
phone. +46-33-201951, fax. +46-33-201951