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Photo gallery from Peter's party          [10-25-99]

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Peter Lantz 40-year old on Friday October 15          [10-12-99]

thulin_ta_2_s.JPG (9622 bytes)Peters constant fight against the time...
This time it's seriously.
4.? sec will be 40 year.

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Swedish Top Fuel Tour is to continue into the next millenium          [10-12-99]

After a meeting during the past weekend between the promoters and participating teams in the 1999 Top Fuel Tour, it was decided that the Tour should continue into the year 2000. Everyone at the meeting agreed that the Top Fuel Tour has been a real success so far, although there is room for improvement in some areas.
The Top Fuel Tour 2000 will continue in about the same manner as this season's Tour, and should be regarded as complementary to the FIA series.
TFT 2000 will give its participants the chance to race on home ground, and will give Scandinavian fans the opportunity to see more good, tight Top Fuel racing.
The race calendar will be planned in parallel with the planning of the FIA series and other big drag racing events in Europe, to find the best possible schedule for the teams and fans.
It's too early to tell which will be the teams to challenge Peter Lantz, the winner of the 1999 Top Fuel Tour.  Top Fuel Tour 2000

Updated photo and movie gallery          [10-12-99]
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Report from Santa Pod Raceway          [09-13-99]
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Peter Lantz to race at the European Finals          [08-31-99]

1999 Top Fuel Tour Champion Peter Lantz to race at the European Finals

I'm pleased to be able to confirm that we will run at the European Finals at Santa Pod Raceway in September. I would like to say thanks to Keith Bartlett for making it possible for us to race at the Finals, and also to our sponsors whose support is helping us to make this last race.

The team is really looking forward to running at Santa Pod, which always has excellent traction, and also to running against the other teams in the FIA Championship. We have raced at the Finals for the last two years: we won in 1997 and were runners-up in 1998 with low 5.0s, so we are hoping that this streak will continue.

Winning the Top Fuel Tour with a hat trick didn't come easy. We won two very close finals against Monica Oberg, and the racing has been tough at all rounds. The team is working very well at the moment, and the performance of the car is nowhere near its limit. So we are looking forward to the event.

See you all at the Press Day at Santa Pod.

Movies from Thulin Raceway          [08-31-99]
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Report from Malmö (Thulin Raceway)       [08-31-99]
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Hat trick by Lantz        [08-29-99]
victory_99.JPG (16584 bytes)A new victotry at Thulin Raceway and 1999 Top Fuel Tour Champion.

Report from Stockholm          [08-13-99]
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New victory in Stockholm (Tullinge) [08-09-99]

PLR Team was the winner of the second Top Fuel Tour '99 event in Stockholm.

Press and Sponsor Day [08-02-99]

Press Day on Wednesday August 4 next to Kaknästornet in Stockholm.
The same evening the dragster will be shown at the sponsor Peråkers Speedshop.
At both occasions the engine will be fired up.

Report from Piteå          [07-19-99]
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Lantz winner in Piteå [07-11-99]

PLR Team was the winner of the first Top Fuel Tour '99 event in Piteå

Rain experience!!! [06-13-99]

The Team ....

TF in down town [06-10-99]

tf_bs_2.jpg (57612 bytes)Borås Air and Motor show ....

The Team [04-10-99]

Peter Lantz is back ....

Top Fuel Tour 99 [03-18-99]
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