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Lantz winner of the Swedish Top Fuel Tour 2000 Championship
Thulin_00.JPG (9985 bytes)In the first round Peter didn't give Alan Jackson a chance by stopping the clock at 3.45/373 km/h. In the second pair, Monica took an easy victory when Pelle smoked the tires off the line. The third place race between Pelle and Alan was an easy win for Alan when Pelle left the start line in a cloud of smoke for the second time that afternoon.

The final was a thriller and the crowd loved it. After two long burnouts they finally backed up and staged. Monica was out of the hole first and Peter really tried to get round but had to see Monica cross the line first. It was a really close race. Monica recorded 3.69/320 km/h to Peter's quicker 3.68/368 km/h.

Pointstanding after the final race of Top Fuel Tour 2000.

Updated movie gallery and pointstandig
New movies showing the spectacular wheelie at Piteå last year, a powerful burnout and a movie special made for all nitro freaks that love this wonderful sound. We will also send a special thank to Nils Malmhäll, Umeå for his excellent shoots and permission to use the tape, and to Ulf Mårtensson, Borås for his help with the producing of Quick Time movies.  Movie gallery

Pointstanding after the second race of Top Fuel Tour 2000.

Tommy Möller & Kenneth Lorenzon new owner of Peter Lantz
Top Fuel Dragster.          

There will not be any "hole" to replace when Peter Lantz will be retiring this year, Tommy & Kenneth will take that place in Top Fuel.
The car is already under changes to fit Tommy later this year, the plan is to finnish Tommy's license at Santa Pod as soon as possible after the last Top Fuel Tour round and hopefully compete at the European Finals at Santa Pod.
The whole PLR team will be with Tommy and Kenneth at the last round to help out the transaction from Pro Mod, so the only different will be that Tommy will drive, but be prepared for Tommy, he and Kenneth have proven more then well how committed they are to Dragracing, wish have been seen in Pro Mode the last couple of years, and the PLR team will do their best to make sure this will work out it its perfection.
Peter and Morgan with parts of the team will be with Tommy and Kenneth
next year to help out and run the team.

For those who are interested the PLR team transport bus is still for
sale and if you are interested just contact Peter true mail or by phone.

Second victory in two days for Peter Lantz          

Lantz winner of the Top Fuel Tour 2000 final at Tullinge Raceway.

Lantz winner of the rain called off final         

Lantz winner of first Top Fuel Tour 2000 final. The final was raced at Tullinge Raceway just outside Stockholm there the second stop of the Top Fuel Tour 2000 is held this weekend. The race was over then Alan Jackson smoked the tyres. Peter recorded 5.22.

The final was also the second qualifying pass for this weekends race. At the first pass of the day Peter recorded a 5.19 for first qualifying place.

Race coverage from Piteå        

Check out race coverage from Piteå at Results 2000.

Rain call off the final in Piteå       

Peter make it to the final by beating Monica in the first round. The final vs. Alan Jackson had to be called off due to rain. The final will be raced in Tullinge.

Peter make his last season in TF        

Peter will put his helmet on the self after this season after his 20th year as a driver (9th year in TF).

optima_gul.JPG (9245 bytes)Optima Batteries returns as our main sponsor.

The Optima is the world's most advanced battery technology ever created. The Optima is a sealed, zero-maintenance battery that combines proven lead-acid electrochemistry with advanced design techniques to create a battery that outperforms the rest of the field.

Detail photos of the new PLR Injector         

On the Fabrication page you will find some new photos.

New Link page        

Take a look at the Link page. It's still under construction.

Successful start for the new PLR injector     

Injector_00_1.JPG (55322 bytes)During the off season 97/98 Peter Lantz & Morgan Svensson did, as a request from Jim Prock, a new designed PLR injector.
The injector and scoop was designed to fit the small openings of today's blowers.

The new scoop is designed to better help the blower work to its own perfection's, and will work as well on blowers with big openings. We have had a lot of help from the "old" type, to create and design the new one.

The injector on Anita’s car is made to fit the big blower opening and the injector housing is taller, compered to the once we sent to the States.
This new scoop is designed to raise the pressure during the run even more then the "old" type; which adds approx. 15 psi during the run, almost twice the pressure then any injector on the market today.

During the first race in Top Fuel Tour at Piteå, we will use the old injector on our first run, and then use the new on the second run, to compere the two types at equal condition.

The injector has been made in a small amount and we have not decided yet how many we will make, we have all tools to the scoop, to make larger numbers, but we still just have made a few injector housings.

Anita showed the injector its way in Finland when she won the FIA round at Alastaro, but that win had a lot more to do with Anitas driving skills then the injector. But Tommi was pleased when he returned from the race with no damage at all, we just had to ground an exhaust seat and that is a record for us, he said.
We will be supporting Anita and her team at Mantorp and hopefully be a part to help her to keep her points lead and stretch it if possible in the Championship.

Keep your eye on this site, we will soon present a new major sponsor for the team!

Vidar Engh's birthday         

vidar40.jpg (32624 bytes)Vidar Engh, a talent crew member and a great friend have celebrate his 40.e years birthday.
The great party was held in Lilleström Norway the of March, lotsof friends and dragracing "people" was represented. A photo session took place to show vidars "lifeline" until now.
He was of course interested about Dragracing before he join our team, but according to the photos and earlier rumours, we know we have helped to change Vidar to something "better" today. The history tells that it took Vidar 5 years at Mantorp park until he saw the first pair of racing, he more or less lived his weekend's at the camping area of different reasons.
So recording to how his future was looking like at that moment, we should be able to invoice the Norwegian government, regarding to that we change him to something "better".
Vidar is a great friend and a great crew member, but we all do mistakes sometimes, and the team wanted to remind that to him when we handed over his gift. On the picture could you see a part of an Alan Johnson head, and some of those mistakes are of course done on this part as well to remind Vidar. The valves are in the wrong place, and the oil pressure line squeezed between the head and the headers. The last "one" did result in that we couldn't get any respond on our oil pressure gauge when turning the engine on the starter, after looking over most af the parts in the oil system, Vidar saw the problems after about 10-15 minutes.
This head proves how greatfull we are over Vidars talent, the head served as the 5:th spare head, and was fitted to be used, now will it serve as a reminder on his wall from all great memory rest of his life.

Happy birthday Vidar and best Wishes

The Team.

Race Dates news         
Race dates updated [more]

Team news         

The year 2000 is not only unique as a new millennium, it's also Peter Lantz and the teams 20 years anniversary. It all started the winter 79/80 when we built a Volvo dragster, which chassi still is running in Germany. And the team debuted at the Mantorp track early spring 1980.

The team will build a new chassi for this season, not only because the 20 years anniversary. We need a new chassi, the old one which was built ‘94, can not be change the way we would like to have it. The old chassi will meanvile serve as a spare chassi. We will publish some photos during the construction work, on this website to keep our fans updated.

We will also use a new injector, that was completed ‘98, two samples was specially made for Jimmy Prock USA, who ordered them. The injectors were manly made to fit blowers like SSI with small opening at the top. Now we will do some construction changes so it can be fitted on blowers with big openings and we are confident that the airflow will increase compered to the "old" one. Its airflow is created so it will fit the blower’s anatomy the way it works out. The injector and scoop has two inlets and butterflies, compare the three inlets that was common to the old one, and the two inlets has different diameter.

The team is planning to run the Top Fuel Tour this year too, and some of the FIA rounds like Santa Pod. The main goal is of course to run both series all rounds, and win both series. Top Fuel Tour will be a great challenge this year. The other team will certainly do all they can do to stop us from winning the Tour two years in the row.

To be the first Swedish driver to win an Official FIA Top Fuel Championship, is a great challenge as well, and the team is working hard to get a budget who fits that target.

See you all in 2000.

Peter Lantz, Norra Sjöbogatan. 53 506 43 Borås
phone. +46-33-201951, fax. +46-33-201951