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Peter Lantz Motorsport fabricates chassies as well as many other parts to many European top drag racers. The Optima Batteries Top Fuel Dragster runs with PLR fabricated chassies, fuel tank, body, wing, injector, fuel system and clutch canon with its timer systems.

The home-made clutch canon and timer system gives the team more room for exact adjustments in order to match different tracks. The Sharkfin injector developed and fabricated by Peter Lantz and crew chief Morgan Svensson gives a lot of advantage when compared to the traditional fuel systems.

As constructed standing up, the injector gives a equal air and fuel mix in the supercharger and intake manifold. There is no need for the smaller inlet in the rear of the supercharger as on the latest design of SSI superchargers. The injector also gives a increasing supercharger boost as the rising speed gives the injector more airflow trough the scoop. The air inlet holes are placed in less turbulent air with the scoop and this helps the Sharkfin injector to flow 1900 cfm. Minimizing the space between the butterflies and the blower rotors creates a faster throttle response than traditional injectors

The advantage of the Sharkfin injector allows users to gear their supercharger down and use a lower supercharger boost in the start. Many teams run almost 40 psi supercharger boost when leaving the line just to have that much boost in the end of the run. The extra horsepower when boosting 40 psi has to be removed by more clutch slip in the start creating detonations, lots of stress and a higher risk of dropped cylinders. It also creates a lot of extra stress to the clutch itself.

When Kent Persson ran the 294 mph, 4,98 pass the supercharger boost was only 15 psi when leaving the line. The Sharkfin injector increased the boost to 35 psi during the run and no fuel lean out was necessary at the top end. The lower supercharger boost and the less risk for detonations and dropped cylinders have not only given the car great performance. The engine combination saves a lot of parts, the team have put over 130 passes with the same engine block and most of them on the same set of pistons.

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